3D Marketing Communication

3D Productions for your Marketing & Sales

Cyberlightning Ltd can be seen as a marketing agency specialized in 3D productions for pretentious marketing solutions. Our technological know-how with our marketing oriented way of thinking brings you the best practices for marketing and sales.
Our innovative team consists of experts of different fields. The mettlesome experience on 3D visualization and virtualization combined with the newest research results on 3D Internet and avatar technology gives a strong base for executing modern 3D marketing.
We will take your company’s brand to whole new level. We offer you imposing solutions for marketing, communications and sales. Our 3D productions are scalable from mobile to huge stereographic HD screens and even to 3D cinemas. Enrich your marketing and communications – welcome to the world of third dimension!

3D Content for Digital Signages

We offer you outstanding solutions for outdoor marketing and information sharing in public spaces. Promote your events and arouse crowd’s interest, three dimensional virtual worlds will give your audience the new kind of experience.
Big screens with three dimensional contents are perfect tools to be used in public spaces, for example in shopping malls. Virtual model of the mall shows the right passage and makes navigation easy. Also it allows you to navigate depending on your needs, whether you want to go a shoe shop, coffee house or pharmacy. The virtual mall includes the latest news about happenings, offerings and opening hours - not to mention the functional and interactive elements that can be added to virtual environment branded especially for you.