Cyberlightning joins the Tizen Association Partner Program

CyberLightning Ltd., today announced it has joined the Tizen Association Partner Program to help further the development and deployment of the Tizen Operating System (OS) platform. The Tizen Association is an industry consortium that supports the development of the Tizen open-source software platform and operating system for a wide range of connected devices.

Cyberlightning is the IAB Company of the Month!

Cyberlightning is a member of IAB (The Interactive Advertising Bureau). IAB is an organization developing and growing digital advertising. Cyberlightning represents technical expertise in IAB Finland and is the Company of the Month in December 2013. Read more from the IAB Newsletter here (in Finnish).

We are recruiting: Art Director / 3D Internet Graphic Designer

Cyberlightning Ltd. is the leading international 3D Internet solution provider with a vast experience on the Internet of Things and mobile user interface.
We are now looking for an Art Director with hands-on expertise in 3D modeling and preferably also industrial design.
You have worked as a leading talent in your previous life and understand what global level enterprises want in terms of brand design and graphic quality. If we tell you to lead a project with i.e. Scandinavian design style you immediately know what we mean. You are also capable of leading our design team and you have strong authority.

Cyberlightning Ltd joins EU FI-WARE 3D-Internet development project

Cyberlightning Ltd has been chosen as a partner in the European Union 3D-Internet development project FI-WARE. Cyberlightning Ltd is an Oulu-based 3D-Internet pioneer. The FI-WARE project develops a platform for the future Internet. The EU and European industry will base a joint development project of over 600 ME on the results of the FI-WARE project. The FI-WARE project consists of two phases with a total budget exceeding 66 ME.

Cyberlightning Oy mukaan EU:n FI-WARE 3D-Internet kehitysprojektiin

Oululainen Cyberlightning valittiin mukaan FI-WARE EU-projektiin, joka liittyy Euroopan Unionin tulevaisuuden Internet (Future Internet, FI) ohjelmistoalustan kehittämiseen. Cyberlightning on mukana noin 40% osuudella työkokonaisuudessa, jonka arvo on noin 3,4 M€ ja joka samalla on suurimpia EU-rahoituksia, mitä Oulun alueelle on saatu. Projekti luo Cyberlightningille sekä muille hankkeessa mukana oleville Oulun alueen 3D-Internet toimijoille uusia työpaikkoja.

3D Internet Companies from Oulu, Finland, to Develop European Wide Future Internet Technology Platform

3D Internet companies from Oulu, Finland and the University of Oulu’s Center for Internet Excellence (CIE) have been chosen to participate in the FI-WARE EU-project, which is contributing to building the Core Platform of the Future Internet. The platform will increase the global competitiveness of the European ICT economy by introducing an innovative infrastructure for the cost-effective creation and delivery of versatile digital services.
The FI-WARE funding for CIE and Oulu based companies in this project is 3,4 M€.

Integrated 3D Internet and Internet of Things May Change Our Perception of the World

3D Internet gives the internet services and users a shape. Internet of Things connects the items of our environment and enables monitoring and maintenance over the internet. Integrated, 3D Internet and Internet of Things may change our perception of the world!

CyberLightning Releases New Version of Virtual World Tool for Business Presentations

OULU, FINLAND, Feb 27 (Marketwire)

CyberLightning Ltd. announced CyberSlide 2.0, a new release of the  presentation engine and conversion tool used to integrate business presentations into 3D virtual world environments. The new release adds to the company's portfolio of products for individuals and organizations to create virtual environments and explore the evolving 3D Internet.

CyberLightning and StockSmart Collaborate on 'Visual Finance,' 3D Internet Tool Will Empower Individual Portfolio Management

Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:00am EST

OULU, FINLAND and CAMBRIDGE, MA, Feb 13 (Marketwire)
CyberLightning Ltd. and StockSmart today announced a collaboration that will bring the power of 3D visualization to investors using StockSmart Apps. StockSmart plans to launch "Visual Finance" Apps that deliver institutional quality research and market intelligence in a dynamic, 3D virtual world model that allows users to gain insight and understanding of their investment portfolios. In the collaboration, the two companies will develop both home/office and mobile Apps to provide users with 24/7 access to their investment information.

When the Internet Goes 3D

A look at the future of 3D Internet: expanding into education, business, medicine and beyond.